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I have always loved colors, textures, light, small things, and landscapes.

I contemplate and intermingle what I observe and look for beautiful and rich encounters to share my passion and knowledge. 

After graduating in Textile Design at L’ Ensaama , Paris and specializing in silk-screen printing at Central Saint Martins College , I left London and decided to establish myself in Barcelona.

Since then, as a freelancer, I flow from one discipline to another.

I draw, silk-screen print on papers and textiles, make art books and develop artistic interventions through workshops I design for Museums, bookshops and cultural entities through out Europe.

In 2006, I created the International Illustrated Book Festival Como Pedro por mi casa, an event dedicated entirely to illustrated and self-edited books for adults.

I show a carefully curated selection of artistic books, developing exhibitions and pop-up events in Museums, bookstores, libraries or cultural centers in order to call for diffusion and arouse curiosity from the public.

I have been exercising my teaching vocation since 1995. I am currently responsible for The Fashion Textile Design department at IED Barcelona Fashion School and BA Honors Course Module Leader related to Westminster University.